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We at Innovative Manufacturing Solutions dba (IMS) are extremely excited that you decided to take a minute and stop by to visit our unique and specialized site to experience the various products & services that we have to offer. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers with a genuine approach, no matter if you choose to manufacture a product within our “Custom Design & Fabrication” division or if you need a “Project Managed” or “Commissioned” for a particular location, which might even require the need for an on-site “System Design.” We can make that happen. In addition, we represent various product lines that offer a variety of solutions to many situations relating to Video Analytics, Video Imaging, Network Video Recording (NVR) and a complete line of Recorders (e.g., Digital Video, Network Video, Hybrid Video); as well as high end video storage technology for a variety of businesses and enterprises.

No matter what your need, we are here to help “create your future.”

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